Press TV: McChrystal ‘sacked for intelligence leak’

General McChrystal

Image Source: Press TV

There might be more to McChrystal’s removal than meets the eye. From Press TV:

Kabul circles say the dismissal of US commander was over leaking information including NATO’s connection with the executed leader of the Jundallah terrorist group, Abdolmalek Rigi.

Head of Press TV’s office in Kabul, Mohammad Ruhi, says US commander General Stanley McChrystal was sacked for acknowledging NATO’s connection with the executed leader of the Pakistan-based Jundallah terrorist group, Abdolmalek Rigi.

He dismissed the official reasons for the firing of McChrystal, saying his growing friendship with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and intelligence leaks may have triggered the replacement.

The move caused a scandal, and a British minister was sacked. In retaliation, London is believed to have released confidential statements by McChrystal to White House officials, paving the way for the commander’s removal from his post.

Abdolmalek Rigi was the founder and leader of Jundallah, an insurgent or terrorist – depending on whom you ask – organistation active in Iran but based in Balochestan, Pakistan.
According to Wikipedia, Jundallah  is a militant Islamist Sunni organization based in Balochistan that claims to be fighting for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran, is responsible for numerous attacks in Iran, which targeted both civilians and military personnel. It is believed to have 1,000 fighters and claims to have killed 400 Iranian soldiers and many more civilians.

Rigi was captured by Iran in February and recently executed. The Guardian wrote in February: Continue reading