Peaceful demonstrators in Kiev – February 2014

The following Video was posted on youtube on February 23, 2014, however it is not visible from when the actual footage ist (probably from December 2013).

In any case personally, I have never seen such peaceful SECURITY as these. No batons, no water canons, no teargas, no rubber bullets. The violence emanates exclusively and solely from the rioting mob utilising almost everything. Iron bars, bricks, fireworks, including an excavator. Democracy EU-style, my ass:


Ukrainian Activists try to recruit in Russia

Once again, I am not quite satisfied with the performance of our mass-media, who don’t seem quite able or willing to actually investigate stories before they post their articles. It’s not as bad as in the case of Syria, but still, they could do better. So I reopened this blog to post some information I find, that are hardly mentioned in western mass media. One of such topics is the right-wing elements active in Ukrainian protests.

According to citing Russian security forces there are currently around ten Ukrainian activists from the movement of ukrainian nationalists have travelled to Russia and are trying to recruit fighters for the Maidan demonstrations.

A source said to – “According to our information, their goal seems to be recruitment of followers for reinforcements in the ranks of protestors on Maidan”.

Law enforcement have identified one of the cells called “Pravyi Sektor” (Right Sector, a right-wing extremist group in Ukraine) in Kursk. There the activists under supervision of a certain Tatyana P. are helping in furthering and organising voyages to Kiev.