RT correspondent recalls events of Feb. 20

RT correspondent Alexey Yaroschewssky describes how he witnessed the events at Euromaidan on February 20, 2014.

The first scence shows him while preparing his live-broadcast, which had to be cancelled, since he all at once was surrounded by “opposition” demonstrators and the police started throwing grenades in his direction. The team changed location to the hotel.

In his hotel a shot was fired through the window. The bullet found, was of “calibre 7.62”, quite standard calibre, that would match the ones used in Kalashnikovs. However, it is unclear who fired that shot.

On the images he made with his mobile phone, one can hear something that sounds like shots and one sees a group of policemen fleeing and members of the “opposition” with shields and clubs, but otherwise unarmed, who move towards the police line. One can see as well, a person who runs away from the police line, holding something that looks like a rifle. The question of the reporter: “Who told those people to move towards the police line?”, because all of them were shot and died that day.

Does one see the sniper, who fired on the police and the canon-fodder, that was sent forward to serve as victims, so that the “revolution” would have its heros?

Let’s remember that these events happened after the cease-fire, but before the accord between “opposition” and government was signed on the February 21, 2014.

Let’s also remember in this context the phone call between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton, from February 26, 2014 in which Ashton was informed by Paet that there was mounting suspicion, that the snipers were hired by the “opposition” and not by Yanukovych.