Rogozin: NATO should actively combat the Afghan drug production

From RIA Novosti:

MOSCOW, June 9 – RIA Novosti. Russia is interested in the transit of NATO forces, but NATO must help to determine a more active stance against drug production in Afghanistan, said the permanent representative of th Russian Federation to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin at the international forum “The Afghan drug production – a challenge to the world community.”

“We are interested in transit of (NATO) forces, but further assistance to the coalition must result in a more active stance against drug production in Afghanistan”,  said Rogozin.

He noted that the Russian military should not be in Afghanistan.
“We were in Afghanistan with troops, and we did not like it”, – said Rogozin.
According to him, Russia is represented in Afghanistan by specialists of the Federal Service for Drug Control.

“We are not happy when the U.S. destroys coca crops in Latin America, but says that in Afghanistan this is not the way to go”, – said Rogozin.

He said the NATO forces in Afghanistan believe to their own detriment, that the economy of Afghanistan must be improve first.
“These things are not related. Even in rich countries, there is drug production”, – said Rogozin.

The Forum was initiated by RIA Novosti and the support of the State anti-drug committee, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and the Institute of Demography, migration and regional development.

Dimitry Rogozin is a member of the Great Russia (Великая Россия) Party which he help found. The party – and Rogozin – are more towards the right , i.e. nationalist, conservative, end of the spectrum of the Russian political landscape.