Bin Laden said to live “comfortably” in Pakistan

The latest bin Laden sighting from Dawn (who quotes from CNN):

The newest about the elusive Osama bin Laden, who like Emanuel Goldstein from Orwell’s 1984 is said to exist, but nobody has seen him for so time, is said to live comfortably in north-west Pakistan, close to al-Zawahiri and being protected by locals and some ISI members.

“Nobody in al-Qaeda is living in a cave,” the unnamed senior Nato official reportedly told the network [CNN].

Of course, said “senior Nato official” cannot be named lest the free world’s war on terror fall apart completely. However, we are told this one really, really does exist.

The Turkish intelligence services will be humbled to hear this, as they, not so long ago, claimed that Osama bin Laden had died December 13, 2007 of kidney failure not far from Tora Bora, where the vast bunker complex in the mountains failed to materialise as well.

So does this mean that Iran can wait and Pakistan will be invaded first? I am sure they will let us know in a timely manner, since the public needs to be brainwashed prepared for this news.


PressTV: Contractors bombing NATO tankers

So it may not be the Taliban who are responsible for some of the tanker torching that has gone on lately. It may just be plain old ‘insurance’ fraud. As PressTV writes:

“Some evidence shows that contractors bombed their tankers themselves for some reasons,” an owner of vehicles
supplying US-led troops in Afghanistan, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Xinhua on Saturday.

The Pakistani police say there is evidence that bombs have been planted in many of the vehicles by the “NATO contractors” or their
staff, who have been contracted by NATO to supply fuel and goods to forces in Afghanistan.

It appears that NATO reimburses contractors for burnt vehicles and pays them a compensation for the fuel lost in the burn. However, the fuel is sold first. It’s a win-win for contractors. Of course the Taliban like to take responsibility for those events, since it makes them appear stronger and have more reach than they actually have.

Karachi Suicide Bomber Comes Back Home

After the twin blasts at Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine at Clifton beach, Karachi, Pakistan which left twelve people dead and 70 injured, it was quickly announced by Pakistani authorities that one suicide bomber had been identified. Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday told the National Assembly:

that one of the bombers, who attacked the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine on Thursday, has been identified. The bomber is from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and is a member of the Mehsud tribe, Malik said. The recent blasts can be traced back to Waziristan, the minister said. The minister vowed to give a befitting response in case of violation of Pakistani air or ground space.

It turns out that this may not be true at all. As Geo TV writes:

KARACHI: For a new twist in the tale, the alleged suicide bomber of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s (R.A) shrine has arrived home late Friday, Geo News reported.

FIA and CID officials yesterday jointly announced name of Naseebullah Gul being one between two suicide bombers who carried out bombings at shrine.

Later, the brother and father of the allegedly declared suicide bombers were arrested upon reaching hospital for identification of the dead body of Naseebullah Gul, who now have been set free.

Federal Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik had also endorsed the statement of CIA and FIA officials, which declared Naseebullah Gul an alleged suicide bomber.

I am not sure as to which sources is more reliable here…(but I tend to give Geo TV more credence).