The Elderberry Bush and the Ad

Recently, a video was published titled ‘2nd episode: The Elderberry bush’, in which it is argued that a video, having so far been presented as key evidence of a BUK being transported in Makiivka on July 17, 2014 could not possibly have been filmed on July 17, 2014.

The reason: The BUK video shows a ‘Elderberry bush’ in blossom and these bushes do only blossom in this region beginning to mid of June.

The video in question (2nd episode: The elderberry bush) is making this argument convincingly):

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Fire at Salman Tower Mashhad, Iran

On July 10, at around 20 hours local time, a fire started at Salman Towers commerical center in Mashhad, Iran.
The fire quickly engulfed most of the building.


Salman Tower, Mashhad, Iran before the fire (image taken from Facebook)

Two videos showing the extent of the fire:

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