First Launch from Vostochny

Today, at 05:01 hours Moscow Time the first launch was successfully conducted from Russia’s new cosmodrome named Vostochny in the East of the country. Map of Vostochny

Russian space agency Roskosmos posted a video of the launch:


On Self-Determination of Peoples

I continue to be amazed at the hypocrisy of certain people. They want a state for their ethnic group (aka nationality) and claim land as theirs because their ethnic group allegedly forms the majority of the population there. How can they then lay claim on pieces of land in which their ethnic group is not the majority?

Human rights are guaranteed to individual people not to groups, and as such ‘a people (ethnic group, nationality) cannot have a right to self-determination, only individuals can have that right.

Unfortunately, since Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points this non-sense is the basis of Western policies and nowadays also part of the UN charter and this double-standard leads to problems all over the world.
You have Kosovars being allowed to form their own ethnic state and secede from Serbia, but the Serbs in Kosovo are denied same right to self-determination an stay with Serbia. You have Azeris claiming their own state ethnic state and secede from the Soviet Union, but Armenians in Azerbaijan are denied the right to self-determination and form their own state based on ethnicity. And in many other places.

In general, West is trying to create states based on ethnicity all over the world, except in Western hemisphere, where it tries to or dissolve destroy states based on ethnicity. Thus Germans cannot be Germans, French not French, Scots or Catalonians cannot be independent, but Croatians, Bonians and Serbs or Ukrainians are supported in forming their own state based on ethnicity – at least until they can be absorbed by and dissolved in the EU.

Western policies don’t make any sense in terms of human rights, but they make a lot of sense in terms of hegemony, power, control and geopolitics.