Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Elections 2010 Final Results

The official final results of the Kyrgyzstan parliamentary elections 2010 are available from the Central Elections Commission in Kyrgyzstan. According to their data, 1’679’538 – or 55.9% – or the eligible voters have cast their vote and the count is as follows (I’ll only list the five parties with more than 5% of the popular vote since only they make it into the parliament. The full list – in Russian – is available here):
Votes: 266’923
Percent: 8,88
Votes: 241’528
Percent: 8,04
Votes: 232’682
Percent: 7,74
Votes: 217’601
Percent: 7,24
Votes: 168’218
Percent: 5,6
In terms of seats in the Jogorku Kenesh this would give – according to my calculation (the total number of seats is 120):
Ata-Shurt: 28
SDPK: 26
Ar-Namys: 25
Since the absolute majority is 61, at least three parties are needed to form a viable government. Even the three parties with the least seats would be able to form a government and the three parties with the most seats would fall short of the two-thirds majority by one vote.
Please note, that this is my calculation of the attribution of seats, the official figures may be different.