Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Elections 2010 Results

Preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan are, according to AKIPress, which bases its analysis on data from “Shailoo”, the state election system, the situation looks as follows:

Results from 2001 (85.77%) of the 2333 polling stations indicates the following distribution of seats in the 120 seat Kyrgyz parliament (named Shogorkoo Kenesh):

  1. Ata Shurt – 29 seats;
  2. SDPK – 26 seats;
  3. Ar-Namys – 23 seats;
  4. Respublika – 23 seats;
  5. Ata Meken – 19 seats.

It seems like at least three parties are necessary to form a government and that all combinations of three or more are mathematically possible to arrive at an absolute majority.


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