Parliamentary Elections 2010 in Kyrgyzstan

This Sunday, October 10 2010 parliamentary elections will be held in Kyrgyzstan. According to the Kyrgyz government, no exit polls will be held this time.
The OSCE in a pre-election report considers the campaign to be fair as all 29 parties have been able to campaign freely. That doesn’t keep an US group from complaining about undue Russian influence in this election. According to the Telegraph, the group is Freedom House:

Last week, Freedom House, a non-governmental organisation which receives more than half of its funding from the US government, began saturating Kyrgyz television with three 30-second television commercials on corruption, rights, and inter-ethnic tolerance, starting on Wednesday.

You can’t beat Americans as far as arrogance and hypocrisy is concerned. Only they would call an organisation that receives a large part of its funding from the government a non-government organisation, and only they would complain about the influence of others while heavily influencing themselves by running US government-funded election commercials in a foreign country.

Freedom House, according to Wikipedia, receives about 66% – or two-thirds – of its budget from the US government, while various other sources, including the Dutch government provide the rest. Hardly an NGO.


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