GM maize pollutes rivers across the United States

From The Independent via GMWatch:

An insecticide used in genetically modified (GM) crops grown extensively in the United States and other parts of the world has leached into the water of the surrounding environment.

The insecticide is the product of a bacterial gene inserted into GM maize and other cereal crops to protect them against insects such as the European corn borer beetle. Scientists have detected the insecticide in a significant number of streams draining the great corn belt of the American mid-West.

It seems they have built-in the insecticide into the crop itself and somehow it has been washed out and ended up in the environment now polluting streams.
That makes me wonder: Aren’t we eating this built-in insecticide when we eat this stuff in any form whatsoever? I guess so, but I am sure it is completely safe and without any health hazard. Ha, ha.