Google provocation – or just sloppy employees?

Google Translation

Google Translation

As Fars News writes:

When in the Google translation the word “Allah” is typed in the Farsi section, the word «Israel» will appear.

I checked, it’s true (see attached screenshot). However, the translation works correctly in Arabic and Urdu.

In general, the translation from/to Persian and Turkish are of bad quality when whole sentences or paragraphs are translated. It’s usually unintelligible what comes out and you’re better off translating it yourself by using a traditional dictionary.

Oh, and Fars News also thinks that this has something to do with Zionism, probably because Sergej Brin is Jewish:

Google is a search site, which belongs to Zionists who have as direct goals international Zionism as a plan. (mine)

Google is a search site, which belongs to Israel in the international Zionist goals has been designed. (Google’s)

Both translation are not perfect, but mine is closer to the original which is surprising, because I am a beginner and still learning and Google should supposedly be working with native – or fluent – speakers of Persian.