Rosa Otunbayeva officially President of the Kyrgyz Republic

Rosa Otunbaeva

President Rosa Otunbaeva - Image source: Kabar

On July 3, 2010 Rosa Iskanove Otunbayeva was officially sworn in as President of the Kyrgyz Republic during a ceremony held at the Toktogula Satylganov National Philharmonic Society. With that she is the first woman to hold the office of president in Kyrgyzstan and indeed in all of Central Asia.

If my understanding is correct, this doesn’t affect the presidential elections that will be held in October 2011 in which she’s probably – my guess – going to run.

She speaks English, German and French according to Kabar. I think she is likely to also speak Russian and, of course, Kyrgyz. She also holds a Ph.D. degree.

Source: Kabar

In the national referendum that was held recently and that led to the acceptance of the new constitution, the official results were as follows:

Total number of citizens eligible to vote – 2,716,687.

Voter turnout – 1,962,804 (72.24%)

“Yes”  votes – 1,777,339 (90.55%).

“No” votes – 158 373 (8.07%) .

Invalid votes -27,092  (1.38%)

Source: Kabar