Osama bin Laden is Dead – According to Turkish Intelligence Services

From Takvim:

The al-Qaeda leader had died on December 13, 2007,  from kidney failure.  However, the CIA director Panetta said the previous day, that thew were unable to get news from bin Laden for the last  10 years Laden.

Leon Panetta, director of the world’s largest intelligence agency CIA made a comment the previous day that “for 10 years we have not heard news from Osama bin Laden”.

CIA Chief Panetta, said a few weeks ago that al-Qaeda’s number-three man was killed, saying that “bin Laden is on the Pakistani border. Under pressure it will become clear [? not sure here]. However,  in Afghanistan, according to information Turkish intelligence units have taken, the al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden,  died in the mountains of Tora Bora in December 13, 2007. Years ago, the left kidney from the al-Qaeda leader was causing problems, in 2004 right kidney was also having problems. “U.S. shivers” Laden, in the primitive conditions at Tora Bora bin Laden managed to survive for three years with one kidney. Bin Laden died in the morning of December 13, 2007. News of the death of the al-Qaeda leader came as a shock, especially to the CIA.
However, even in the US presidential elections bin Laden’s death was influential,  “the world is not ready”, they said without giving reasons.[?] For the sake of America’s long-term plans the fact remained hidden. If not kept secret and hidden, it would be difficult to maintain the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Although bin Laden was dead, from 2007 onwards, Washington, with fake audio messages or video images bin Laden “was kept alive”, and his name was used.


Note: My Turkish is not that good, so don’t rely on my translation for details, but the gist is very clear: Bin Laden died in 2007 and nobody in the US wants to admit it because it would be difficult to continue the war on terror once this fact became widely know.

Source: Takvim