UN Security Council Set to Agree on New Iran Sanctions

Iran Nuclear Program

Image Source: Pravda.ru

From Pravda:

The UN Security Council will consider a draft resolution today imposing new sanctions against Iran. The permanent members of the Security Council seem to have managed to agree on the text.

Several such measures previously adopted in resolutions of the UN Security Council, the international community have already been realised. In particular, with this country nuclear materials cannot be traded.  Foreign banks have frozen accounts of companies and individuals involved in Iran’s nuclear program. In addition, the Islamic republic is forbidden to export weapons.

And over the past week the UN Security Council permanent members (U.S., UK, France, Russia and China) have agreed on a draft resolution calling for tougher sanctions. This includes, in particular, the prohibition of the sale to Iran of several types of weapons (e.g. missiles and attack helicopters). In addition, inspection or marine cargo destined to Iran will be made by UN member countries.

And that’s not all. The UN Security Council intends to request non-issuance of licenses to those Iranian banks suspected of involvement in the financing of nuclear development. There will also be a request  to expand the list of citizens of this republic [Iran], which will forbidden entrance to the Western countries.

The major initiative in the preparation of this resolution belonged to the United States. Speaking on June 8 at a press conference in Ecuador, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has emphasized that today the UN Security Council should take “some of the most severe sanctions, which Iran has ever faced”.  The unity demonstrated by the international community is extremely high, “- said the head of the U.S. diplomacy.

At the same time the unity of this is not so unequivocal. As evidenced, for example, the statement made on June 4, by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Mole, of the proposed American resolution at the insistence of Russia and China removed the requirement of imposing paralysing sanctions. The minister stressed that Russia would in any case not be a sponsor of today’s paper. And clarified: the sanctions would be lifted as soon as Iran were to show a willingness to negotiate on its nuclear program.

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