Turkish Soldiers Monument in Beerseheba Vandalised

Turkish Soldiers Memorial Beersheba

From Cumhüriyet:

Israelis attack Turkish Soldiers Monument

On the Turkish Soldiers Monument in Beersheeba was painted the words “The Israeli army did very well”, in Hebrew and the Turkish flag was burned.

Jerusalem-Israel, the Turkish Embassy in front of which organised protest were held, had a stone thrown at it during the demonstrations , this came after in Beersheba, in the south of the country, the memorial commemorating the Turkish soldiers who died during the First World War was attacked.

On the Turkish soldiers monument in Beersheba the words “Israeli forces did very well”, which in Hebrew means “Kol Hakavod Letzahal” , were written and the Turkish flag [which was flying] next to Israeli flag was burned.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Beersheba Rubik Danilovich, qualified the action as “violent and bullying” and condemned the harsh language.

On late Thursday night a stone was thrown at the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv during a protest demonstration held in front of it.

According to Israeli media, thousands of demonstrators joined and up to three people were arrested during the protests.


The Turkish Soldiers Monument commemorates the Turkish soldiers who died in the Third Battle of Gaza, also called the Battle of Beersheba of 1917, which pitched troops from the Ottoman Empire against British troops. See a general description from the British point of view here.