The Dancing Bridge over the Volga

Around the May 21, I ran across the following story from RIA Novosti:

The new bridge over the Volga River, opened in Volgograd about six months ago, on Thursday evening had to closed to car traffic,  the representative of traffic police told RIA Novosti.

“Around 19.00 (Moscow time) we called the dispatchers of the bridge and asked them to block the traffic on the bridge, citing technical reasons. Now, travel across the bridge is closed in both directions,” – he said.

According to him, representatives of the regional administration, engineers, officers and emergency are now on the bridge.

The new bridge over the Volga, which includes the bridge itself, the right bank and left bank trestles, is 7,11 km long, and was opened in Volgograd, on October 10, 2009, 12 years after the start of its construction. Before the bridge was in operation the only link between the districts of the Volgograd region, located on the right and left banks of the Volga, were the dam of the Volga hydroelectric station and a ferry.

Here’s how this bridge, which is now known in the region as the dancing bridge looks like:

Since then, I haven’t heard much about how the story continued, it seems that the bridge was still closed on May 27, as wrote RIA Novosti:

VOLGOGRAD, May 27 – RIA Novosti, Irina Il’icheva. The Administration of the Volgograd region has decided to postpone for the moment the movement of trucks on the bridge in Volgograd, which is known by the people as the “dancing bridge”, before the completion of all the expert work, said their press service department on Thursday.

Looks like a problem of resonance to me, but I might be wrong. If it is, it might take some time to fix this bridge.

Source: RIA Novosti


2 thoughts on “The Dancing Bridge over the Volga

  1. Half of the stories – fiction. The governor and his team have exaggerated the extent of the accident. They want to get a contract for continued construction. So come up with a fake accident.


  2. Половина этой истории – выдумка. Губернатор и его команда преувеличили масштабы аварии. Они хотят получить подряд на продолжение строительства. Поэтому придумали фальшивую катастрофу.


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