No NATO on May 9, 2010!



From an open letter to President Medvedev:

May 9 is a special day for Russia. It is the day commemorate the great achievement of our fathers and grandfathers. The Soviet people paid an enormous price for this victory, in millions of lives.

Why  were NATO troops – our eternal enemy – invited to the parade on May 9? We are told that it is an ally of the last war. But the North-Atlantic military alliance does not have any relation to the allied coalition to victory in 1945 – in the 1945 NATO simply did not exist. On the contrary, it was created to combat the socialist camp, the Soviet Union, during the Cold War. This war we lost: there is no independent state with the most developed industry and the most powerful army anymore. Restructuring in Russia is over, owned by foreigners.

And NATO – the most powerful army on the planet is now known worldwide as predatory. These are not the veteran-winners of the anti-Hitler coalition, but young guys who despise us as a colony, as a “third world” country, convinced that victory in World War II over Hitler went to the U.S.. Our country is surrounded with NATO bases, over Russia to freely fly airplanes of the North Atlantic alliance. At the same time, our army is rapidly shrinking, losing weapons and combat effectiveness. Veterans of the Armed Forces have written an open letter to the President, which sounded the alarm: Our borders have a length of 25,000 kilometers, but we can protect only 800 km. The Army for 20 years has received virtually no armaments, the military equipment has expired shelf-life, and the new ones are produced mainly for sale …

At the parade in honour of the liberation of our homeland from the invaders will be a triumphantly marching those who now are invading foreign countries, causing death and destruction. Russian officers say that the number of foreign troops, visiting Russia in the parade, is much higher than official figures and the media could reach up to 30 000 people. For a parade in a foreign country is the number of military personnel is too much. What if they just do not leave? History – people’s experience – teach us! We remember the rebellion of the White Czechs, who in March 1918, rode the railway passing Samara, just got off the train. Samara did not seem enough …

What is in store for Russia the presence of NATO troops – a “velvet” occupation or a “peacekeeping” operation Yugoslavian-style, to destroy this country? Veterans who fought for the freedom of our country, outraged by the invitation of foreign troops, but no one hears them. Chief U.S. antisovetolog  Zbigniew Brzezinski recently reported to the CIA, that following to the scenario by which the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia would, if it continued the current leadership-style, split into 6-8 parts in the near future, and that the new world order will be built on the ruins of Russia. Allowing the enemy to  march on Red Square, is a sign of our impotence. Bloodlessly was the main opponent of U.S. – the Soviet Union – destroyed, just as bloodlessly destroyed are our people who are dying by 1.5 million a year from poverty and powerlessness (at a rate of loss in the Great Patriotic War! ).

In addition to the real threat of invasion by the strongest army in the world, there is also a moral defeat, and there is great symbolic significance to this ritual – the  passing of invading troops through the main sanctuary of the country. What disturbs is that the parade will be held at the same time in 24 cities of Russia , for example, in Vladivostok – at five o’clock in the afternoon! For whom and why was it necessary that the ritual of the rule of foreign troops be consolidated and carried out simultaneously across the country? Certainly not the Russians. In recognition of their right to this parade, we become slaves, and our children – too. An appeal against this slavery will require us to show civil courage, which is comparable with the military prowess of our ancestors. For fear  of the coming of “restructuring” our people are bound together. Fear and apathy – are a mental illness of the people. But there are many Russian citizens in whose hearts is burning pain for his homeland. Under the Constitution, the power in the country belongs to the people, and we should make officials hear us!

We encourage all citizens to join together and express their common will. The party of the people “VOLYA [en. WILL]”  asks all Russians to campaign “NO to NATO!”. Let there hand in every house, in every car, in every window a poster saying “No NATO!

It behooves us: we have one country and one destiny. Do this quickly, now – tomorrow may be too late! Passage of NATO is the beginning of the final phase of the colonization of Russia. The parade is only a few days away …
Let us not degrade the memory of heroes who defend the homeland! REVIVE RUSSIAN SPIRIT AND COURAGE!
Defense of Motherland from the disappearance of C map of the planet! Defend the country against foreign invaders!

Source: and Volya Naroda.