Venezuela and China Sign New Cooperation Treaties

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

From El Nacional:

The Republic of Venezuela and the People’s Republic of China on Saturday signed new treaties for cooperation and improvement of bilateral ties, during a working session of the President of Venezuela with the delegation from Asia.

Both nations signed seven new treaties in the field of oil, technology and infrastructure.

In accordance with recent remarks from the Ministry of Pubic Works and Housing (Mopvi in Spanish), Diosdado Cabello, an important support from China in infrastructure projects is planned, like the construction and maintainance of railways and housing.

In the meeting the Venezuelan president expressed his condolences to the Chinese people:

The dignitary expressed regrets to the people of China for theterrible hours which obliged the president to suspend his voyage” due to the earthquake which cost the live of more than a 1000.

“This tragedy which we feel as well in our hearts and minds, represent a hurt that we sharing” he added.

“Despite the tragedy we decided to not postpone these treaties which have a high social, political and economical importance which are easily overlooked.”

These treaties seem to be important to both countries. China is looking mainly for oil and Venezuela wants to put a satellite into space. As Hugo Chavez said:

Chávez aseguró que la relación entre ambas repúblicas van ‘desde la búsqueda del petróleo hasta el satélite Simón Bolívar”.

Source: El Nacional.