The Revolution in Kyrgyzstan: The Bakiev Clan

This is from Komsomolskaya Pravda (this is my translation from the Russian original, which contains more pictures):

The son of the deposed president played with cards made from pure gold and never missed a skirt.

We tried to find out what Kyrgyz do not like about Maxim Bakiyev.

Maksim Bakiev and his wife Ajshana

Maxim Bakiyev and his wife Ayshana

When the rebellious mob ransacked the home of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in Bishkek, the opposition said: “The people had not forgiven the family of the President that they dominated everything – business, finance, resources”.

At the same time the main impetus for the crowd was Maxim Bakiyev, the youngest son of the president of Kyrgyzstan. Shortly before the April coup, he flew to the U.S. on a business trip, where he still remains. Rumor has it, that he had been warned – that it was not safe to return to the republic. On the lifestyle Maxim Bakiyev in Kyrgyzstan there are legends. He admits: It is all true!

The businessman and politician believes very much in mysticism, he often turned to psychics and fortune tellers. Even some business problems were solved with their help. The basis of his team, which in recent years expanded its network of influence “Prince” in various spheres of activity, were schoolmates of Maxim from the law faculty of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. While at the University, he was befriended rock musicians. One of his favorite groups was “Czyz and Co”, whose concerts in Bishkek Maxim sometimes financed.

– Not to mention that he lived reckless, or participated in noisy orgies – people talk of the environment of Bakiyev junior. – He didn’t throw away money openly, but loved luxury. At home he had a lot of expensive things – antiques, appliances. He loved to play cards with a deck of pure gold. Also, Maxim Bakiyev constantly hung around in the nightclubs of Bishkek.

– Yes, when he appeared with his entourage, he created a stir, under him necessarily it was a cool place – says the DJ one of the nightlife. – But at the same time, most of us always never saw him .

He was did particularly “shine”. And no one remembers him behaving badly with the staff or musicians. Unlike Aidar Akayev, the son of former president … Usually, Max went much earlier than the “entourage”. He was drinking. But little by little, and only expensive drinks. A couple of years ago, he  introduced among the local elite the fashion for Chivas Regal. He liked expensive fashion accessories – one of its partners, to satisfy him, even opened a store for luxury watches from Switzerland in Bishkek.

– Women loved him madly, of course, – tells the representative of one of the richest families in Kyrgyzstan. – He does not look like Kirgiz, he is tall, bright, blue-eyed, with long lashes. The passion for beautiful women was probably the “business card” of Bakiyev junior. Dozens of brunettes and blonds have visited the arms of “Prince” . It is said that at parting he gave all of them expensive gifts. He did not have any favourite type or ideal – on the list of the Don Juan Maxim were beauties from Kyrgyzstan, Russia and even Israel. Among them –  models and a simpletons.

Before the “Tulip” revolution Maxim was said to court the daughter of a prominent political figure in Kyrgyzstan, Felix Kulov, Jamila. Later, rumors linked him with another daughter of “Iron Felix”, Julia. But relations were upset when Kulov and Bakiyev Senior fell out with each other.

Maxim married last year. There were no ceremonies in the registry office because of his choice at that time was already in position, however, the Muslim wedding ceremony (“nikkah”) did occurred. Maxims wife – Ayshana Kenenbaeva, is the daughter of former mayor of Bishkek.

Incidentally – as an interesting detail – her brother Arslan, who in recent years has been one of the proximates of  Maxim, in turn, is married to … niece of the current head of the Provisional Government Rosa Otunbayeva!

The Bakiev Clan

The Bakiev Clan

Source: Komsomolskays Pravda.