Pakistan warns U.S. on Iran Sanctions

We learn from Fars News Agency:

Senator Mahmoud Talha the Chairman of Parliament of Pakistan in an interview special with the Fars News Agency correspondent in Islamabad, criticized U.S. policies in the region and added: “U.S. government policies in Pakistan and other Islamic countries is the reason for the hatred of the people.
The Chairman of the Committee of the Pakistani Parliament asserted: As the U.S. government, which accepts  friendship that is to its advantage, the Pakistani government also must be vigilant  to choose what is in the interest of the country.
Senator Talha Mahmoud pointed to the increasing ties with Iran and added: On the one hand the government wants to expand the bilateral relationship with Iran, and on the other hand  avoid American politics, because the friendship with the United States not only benefits Pakistan, but is of capital also to the wind.
The Pakistani authorities accused the U.S. government of human rights violations and that Dr. “Aafia Siddiqui (عافيه صديقي)” was one of the known victims of these crimes.
Senator Mahmoud Talha  reminded that Dr. “Aafia Siddiqui”  is a Pakistani scientist with title “Daughter of the Pakistani Nation” and warned the U.S. government  that if it didn’t want to face widespread protests it must release Dr. Aafia.

Note: Aafia Siddiqui is a bit of a tricky subject, it seems, with Americans claiming she is a terrorist and other saying no she isn’t. Maybe I’ll follow-up on that story, as she is due to be sentenced in May 2010.

Source Fars News Agency.