Coca Cola harmful to Male Fertility?

It seems that’s what Danish scientists concluded. In a work published in the American Journal of Medical Research they urge people to stay away from Coca Cola. Writes Fars News (in Persian):

Fars News Agency: Danish research on the sperm of 2,500 young Danes concluded that consumption of the beverage, “Coca-Cola” had a severe negative effect on their sexual ability and therefore urged people to avoid drinking.

Fars News is not the only one carrying this news, though. The study is also mentioned on Reuters:

Men who drink about a quart or more of cola every day could be causing harm to their sperm, results of a Danish study hint.

On average, these men’s sperm counts were almost 30 percent lower than in men who didn’t drink cola. While most of the sperm counts would still be considered normal by the World Health Organization, men with fewer sperm generally have a higher risk of being infertile.

The link is unlikely to be due to caffeine, the researchers say, because coffee did not have the same effect, even though its caffeine content is higher. Instead, other ingredients in the beverage or an unhealthy lifestyle could be involved.

However, Reuters doesn’t mention a warning by the researchers not to drink Coca-Cola:

It is still not clear if the cola or the unhealthy lifestyle, or both, is to blame. However, Dr. Fabio Pasqualotto, of the University of Caxias do Sul in Brazil, who was not involved in the study, said the drink itself probably wasn’t the most important factor.

The study itself says in its Conclusion section:

In conclusion, we found that moderate caffeine or cola consumption  (≤800 mg or 1 L of cola per day) was not associated with a reduction in semen quality. However, among the small fraction of men (3%) who consumed “high” quantities of cola, and possibly caffeine, daily (exceeding 800 mg or >1.0 L, respectively), several semen parameters were reduced. The associations found for high-quantity cola drinkers could not be attributed to the caffeine content in cola, which was not high. We cannot exclude the possibility of a threshold above which cola  (and possibly caffeine) negatively affects semen quality. Alternatively, a less healthy lifestyle among these men may explain the findings. Since cola consumption is high and has been increasing among young Danes, our findings, if confirmed, may be of public health concern.

The study mentioned is available here.


One thought on “Coca Cola harmful to Male Fertility?

  1. It would seem that the media is again jumping on the sensational bandwagon. “Fars News” names Coca-Cola, even though the article doesn’t. If you read the study, you will find that what the media is saying and what the study says is different. The study says that Danish kids who choose the fast food lifestyle have lower sperm count than peers who are more concerned with nutrition. I would bet that (relying on common sense) the fast food lifestyle also produces more strokes, heart attacks, broken homes, rapes, homicides, etc. than the group more concerned with nutrition. I don’t know why we bother to educate our Journalist, because they don’t seem to be able to actually read and interpret facts correctly. I guess this fits into their notion of if it should be true it is – damn the facts!


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