Iranian Officials hold Talks in Beijing

Fars News Agency:

Jalili held meeting and talks with the chinese foreign minister.

Fars News Agency: The secretary of the High Council of National Security of our country traveled to Beijing travel and had discussions with the Chinese minister of foreign affairs.

According to Fars News Agency, Seyyed Jalili secretary of the High Council of National Security of the Islamic Republic Iran today, Thursday, had a meeting about the development of the bilateral realtions with the Chinese foreign minister in Beijing.

Jalili has made the trip to this country with invited senior officials.

This is as the U.S. claims China was now ready to ‘consider steps’ on Iran, as per NYT:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that all the permanent members of the Security Council, which includes China and Russia, were now “unified” on the issue and that “a great deal of further consultation” would occur in the coming weeks.

I don’t see here an agreement on imposing further sanctions on Iran, but you can’t always trust the public statements, can you. They make their deals behind closed doors. Even if it concerns millions of people.

Source: Fars News Agency.