Nasrallah to make speech tonight

Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah chief

Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah chief

According to the  Fars news network quoting the libanese TV network  “Al-Manar,” Seyed Hassan Nasrallah will speak tonight at 21:30 Beirut time (18:30 GMT) about the latest developments in Lebanon and the Arab world, especially on the issue of the  international tribunal [Rafik Hariri] and on  rumors about several members of Hezbollah summoned to the court.

Based on Al-Manar’s message Nasrallah will also address Hezbollah’s position in relation to Lebanon’s security agreement Lebanon with the U.S., and respond to Israeli threats.

He also will address the performance of the government, municipal councils elections, changes in relations of Lebanon and Syria, Jerusalem and the Zionist project of establishing  Jewish settlements in this holy place.

[Note: Translation is mine and cannot be trusted entirely – I do this to practise translating and learning the language only, not to support Hizbollah, or anything like that. Just saying.]

Source: Farsnews