Mossad and the Elephant in the Room

I think everyone has read or heard about the story of the (alleged) Mossad killing in Dubai. Besides the outrage against the organized killing of an individual by a state, there is another outrage that has not getten much attention so far.

From the Daily Mail (emphasis mine):

Six innocent Britons thrust into the centre of an international murder plot have told how they are in fear for their lives.

They were named as the killers of a leading official of the Palestinian paramilitary group Hamas, who was executed in an audacious ‘hit’ with all the hallmarks of a spy novel.

Yet it emerged yesterday that their identities had been stolen by the real assassins, who are believed to be agents of the feared Israeli secret service Mossad.

Contacted in Israel  –  where most, if not all, of the men now live  –  some said the first they knew about the attack in Dubai was when they saw newspaper reports.

They said their British passports had been cloned by the killers, whose own photographs had been inserted.

Now, you see this is the real outrage. The identity of innocent people was abused by its government to commit a crime. This opens up possiblities, doesn’t it, especially if governements have access to your passport database containing biometrical information. If that can somehow be cloned…
It’s all a matter of trust to your government isn’t it? Yeah.