Russia ready to allow CIS Broadcasters on its Territory

President Medvedev has indicated that Russia is ready to allow broadcasters from CIS countries (those are most of the members of the former Soviet Union) to broadcast on its territory, provided that the CIS countries would also allow equivalent access to air on their territories to Russian broadcasters.

According to Medvedev the matter is a good stage of advancement, however concrete negotiations with specific telecom providers have yet to take place.

“I have discussed this topic with a number of heads of CIS states, they express a desire to participate, at least, through a political agreement on the presence of the national broadcaster on our satellite,” – said the President Medvedev.

President Medvedev also said, that a large number of native Russian speakers are still living scattered in the CIS states and for these people access to Russian speaking programs and culture was important. Also, a great number of immigrants from CIS countries were living in Russia who would like to have access to TV programs in their native language, representing their culture and customs.