Brzezinski on Iran

In a Wall Street Journal article Gerald F. Seib claims:

Iran is both today’s paramount foreign-policy challenge, and a quandary of the first order. Its nuclear program keeps expanding, its concern about international opprobrium seems limited, and nobody can be sure the United Nations Security Council will find the courage to impose more economic sanctions.

To answer he cites what Zbignew Brzezinski said in an interview:

In an interview, Mr. Brzezinski lays out his formula. Try to stop Iran’s nuclear program, and make Tehran pay a price if it keeps pursuing it, but don’t count too much on sanctions; offer a robust American defense umbrella to protect friends in the region if Iran crosses the nuclear threshold; give rhetorical support to Iran’s opposition while accepting America’s limited ability to help it; eschew thought of a pre-emptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities; and keep talking to Tehran.

Above all: Play the long game, because time, demographics and generational change aren’t on the side of the current regime.


And he would avoid at all costs a military strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran, he said, would make no distinction between an Israeli or an American strike. “The Iranians would strike out at us, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the Strait of Hormuz.” If energy prices then soar, “we will suffer, the Chinese will suffer, the Russians will be the beneficiaries. The Europeans will have to go to the Russians for energy.” In effect, he argues, America, more than Iran, would be isolated.

My view: Relax. There are bigger problems for the West besides Iran that need attention. Try to fix the economy first – or better – try to fix Western society first, after that you may be able to give lessons to other countries on how to organise their societies.

The Wall Street article is also run by Fars News Agency in Persian.


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