Flag Day in Russia

Tomorow, Saturday August 22 will be celbrated as Flag Day in all of Russia even in remote parts of Russia in Yakutia. Remote from Moscow that is. Yakutia is probably closer to Anchorage than to Moscow.
Hopefully all the celebration and noise comming over the Bering strait will not put Alaska on high alert. Putin rearing his head and such…

Celebrate Flag Day!
On Saturday, August 22, Yakutsk, along with the rest of Russia will celebrate the Day of the Russian Flag. The festivities will take place in all metropolitan areas.

Tomorrow  Ordjonikidze Square spread wide variety of whole hothouse flowers – gardening, houseplants, ornamental. As the organizers of the festival «blossoming rainbow Earth Olonkho» open to all interested parties. It will last two days – 21 and 22 August.
There is also a concert «Russia –  my homeland!» With the participation of bands and artists.
On Saturday, from 12.00 on Lenin Square the campaign «Your voice in the country’s anthem» is launched.
Moreover, as reported by the district administration, the branches of the centralized library system will be book exhibitions and quizzes.

[Source: Gazetayakutia, Russia]