Citizens of The Corporate State

Check out the board members of UBS, Barry. You’ll get your answer there. It seems that there is a group of people who are recycled all over the place. So Phil Gramm is just one of these corporate insiders, or a member of the corporate state, if you want.

We have on this board, among others:

  • Helmut Panke, Microsoft
    formerly BMW
  • Michel Demare, ABB
    formerly Baxter Europe
  • William G. Parrett (Blackstone Group, Eastman Kodak)
  • Sally Bott (BP)
    formerly Citi, Barcleys, Marsh & McLennan
  • David H. Sidwell (Fannie Mae)
    formerly JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley

So, once a member of that state, always a member of that state. They take care of their own.
But you know that Barry, do you.


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