Fidel is Upset With the US

In one of his open letters, titled ‘Reflections of Comrade Fidel’, which are regularly published on Granma the Cuban government’s newspaper, Fidel Castro let’s the world know, what he thinks of Cuban spies in America.

Ridiculous Answer to a Defeat

Yesterday afternoon, while I was analyzing at great length Obama’s speech at the Islamic University of Cairo, strange news arrived via the news agencies about the arrest of two retired persons of more than 70 years of age who were accused to have spied for the Cuban government during 30 years. Almost all important news outlets of the Western world, eight of them, ran this story.

The persons accused are Walter Kendall Myers and his wife Gwendolyn Steingraber Mysers. The first worked as specialist for European affairs; and that in 1995, 14 years ago, they traveled to Cuba, at that occasion they were received by me. During that time, I have met thousands of Northamericans for different motives, individually and in groups, occasionally with groups of several hundereds of them, as, for example, the students that traveled to Cuba in cruise semester on the sea project, for this reason I can hardly remember details of a meeting with two persons. I realize now why George W. Bush prohibited students of the cruise to continue visisting Cuba; during many hours they talked with me, although they belonged to families of the upper middle-class.

The prosecutions maintains that the couple  received numerous decorations, but admits at the same time that they never sought money or personal benefits.

For my part, I can assure that, as a question of principle, we have never tortured anyone, nor have we paid to receive any information. Those who, in one form or another have contributed to the protection of the live of Cuban people against terrorist plots, or projects to kill their leaders, as in the numerous attempts of several US administrations, have done so of their own concious and deserve, in my view, all the honours of the world.

The strange thing is that this story came to light only 24 hours after the defeat suffered by the US diplomats in the General Assembly of the OAS.

It is indeed strange that if those people were under control, because agents of the FBI posing as Cuban spies deceived them, why were they not arrested before but precisely at that moment?

Now commences the game of the so-called justice against two persons  crushed morally beforehand with accusations that predetermine the conduct of the jury, which is to decide whether they are guilty or innocent. Certainly, they won’t receive the same favorable treatment as the terrorists recruited by the government to destroy the airplane of Cuba, with all who travelled in it and to commit horrible crimes against our people, acts which even violated the laws of the United States.

They have already started the campaign against the couple. They present them as traitors, which can be sanctioned with 35 years in jail, which they will have to serve until they are well over 100 years old. The public prosecutors will be able to orchestrate their usual manouvres looking for political gains.

The whole web was armed after Obama took possesion of the presidency of the United States. Maybe the arrest was influences not only by the defeat at San Pedro Sula, but also by the news that contacts between the United States and Cuba were taking place on important topics of common interest.

Already a story from ANSA informs us that Walter Kendall Myers declared that he tried to be “very prudent” while collecting and transmitting secrets to Cuba.

Other publications talk of a diary written by Gwendolyn.  If all this is true, I will not admiring the selfless and brave conduct towards Cuba.

The confrontation with the United States is ideological and has nothing to do with the security of that country.

Nevertheless, yesterday three stories by the newsagencies informed of other three topics which do have much to do with the political moral and security of the United States:

AFP: “A new discussion arose on Friday as Democratic legislators accused the Republican opposition of having revealed secret information about torture tactics, which were revealed druing a closed-door session in Congress.

The Illinois Representative, Jan Schakowski, said that ‘everyone in the commission knows what is meant by a meeting behind closed doors.’

He added in a communique that it is ‘irresponsible that members of this commission go out of the confidential meeting before it ends, and go straight to the press.'”

AP: “Federal prosecutors accused a man of threatening the president Barack Obama after the former had presumably said to a bank employee in Utha, that his mission was to kill the president.

Daniel James Murray had communicated his intentions to a cashier at a bank when he withdrew 13,000 dollars from his account, reported the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper on Thursday on their website.

It is not known where the accused is from. A document presented before the judge said that Murray was from New York and that he was recently in California, Utah, Georgia, Oklahoma and possibly Texas.

The Secret Service said that Murray had at least eight registered firearms, informed the newspapers.

Malcom Wiley, a spokesman for the Secret Service in Wahington, said to the AP, that there were no comments regarding this subject.”

AFP:”Sensitive military technologies necessary to build nuclear weapons could be easily acquired in the United States and exported ilegally, warned the GAO.

‘Using a faked enterprise and identities, the GAO bought sensitive products, like night vision gogles used by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify night targets, electronics used to detonate nuclar weapons, and electronic sensors used to build bombs, and chips used in rockets, ‘wrote the GAO in recent information.

Maybe this immense and sophisticated arsenal put at the disposal of the market does pub the world on the brink?

Does it then not seem to everyone, that the story of the cuban spies is ridiculous?

[Source: Granma]